Unlock your marketing data with Adobe and Meta

Deliver personalized, privacy-safe advertising campaigns at scale
Commerce x Meta Real-Time CDP x Meta
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Convert prospects and engage customers with data-driven campaigns

Adobe and Meta empower organizations to intelligently activate effective, personalized, and measurable marketing campaigns. Together, our solutions connect data to optimize ad targeting, improve customer acquisition, and ultimately create better customer experiences.

58% of customers will stop purchasing from a brand that doesn’t provide personal experiences they value.

Thrive in a cookieless world: Four keys to advertising success

You may have thought about how your advertising strategy will need to evolve in a world without cookies. But are you really ready?

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Adobe Commerce with Meta Conversions API

Deliver a seamless shopping experience to improve customer satisfaction

Adobe Commerce is an all-in-one platform to deliver personalized online commerce experiences at scale. The integration with Meta’s Conversions API allows merchants to tap into Meta Advantage, an AI-powered suite of ad products to connect relevant products to people on the right platform at the right time.


Together, Adobe Commerce with Meta Conversions API enable more on Meta’s platforms:

Optimize ROAS and accelerate GMV

Sync product catalogs and launch Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns


Publish personalized content on Facebook and Instagram

Automate the ad creation process and connect with the right audiences at the right time and place
A 10% increase in conversions through Conversions API corresponds to an 11% decrease in cost per conversion.
Gartner named Adobe Commerce a leader in digital commerce for the 7th consecutive year.

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Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform with Meta Conversions API

Unleash the power of customer data

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (Real-Time CDP) helps collect and aggregate customer behavioral data across various channels and stages of the funnel to generate actionable, unified customer profiles that are ready for activation. Meta Conversions API creates a direct connection between marketing data and systems to help measure results and improve ad targeting across Meta technologies. 

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Together, Adobe Real-Time CDP with Meta Conversions API provide:


Privacy-safe, real-time event forwarding to Meta for ad optimization 


Reduced cost per action, increased conversion rates, and effective measurement of ad campaigns


User-friendly tooling and a Quick Start integration to activate in minutes, not weeks 


Leverage first-party data to contact existing customers or find lookalikes using Meta’s Custom Audiences

Advertisers with Conversions API improved cost per action by 13% on average.
Everest Group rated Adobe a Leader in its PEAK Matrix for CDP providers in 2023.

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Activate data to help improve ad performance

Enhance the effectiveness and ROI of campaigns

Respect consumer data privacy

The evolution of advertising: A powerful new integration from Meta and Adobe

Check out the Meta podcast for a conversation about the Meta-Adobe solution with Jennifer Downes, CMO of Global E-Commerce at Lenovo.

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“We’re already seeing a greater volume of qualified visitors coming to the site. We’re also doing it in a super-efficient way. That’s a check/check in terms of two big goals that we have in marketing.”

Jennifer Downes
CMO, Global E-commerce Business

Uplevel your digital marketing campaigns with Adobe and Meta

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